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Robert’s Real Estate Reality

I like "reality" shows like Love It or List It and Fixer Upper even Shark Tank! I really don't know how much reality is included though... :) HERE are some realities that we live with everyday and for your use to … [Read More...]


So "what if" the greatest game of the year ended in a tie? Wow, how disappointing right! Kind of like investing in a property and breaking even...Ugh, who wants to do that? I think it was Warren Buffett that … [Read More...]

Politics, Moving and Holidays

Recently I had several people ask; Do you think people will wait until after the election to move? – Hmm…I really think we give these things waaay too much credit. Not that elections are not important, they are. … [Read More...]

$200,000 Flip or Rent?

This is the question... What real estate should I buy with $200,000 of investment/retirement money? My Doctor asked me this question should he buy to flip or rent? So we had a conversation about starting … [Read More...]