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$200,000 Flip or Rent?

This is the question... What real estate should I buy with $200,000 of investment/retirement money? My Doctor asked me this question should he buy to flip or rent? So we had a conversation about starting … [Read More...]

Are your real estate investments safe?

Well nothing in life is 100% safe right?  When we inspect a property we are looking at many different items but first and foremost we want to make sure there are working smoke alarms.  Customers sometimes disable … [Read More...]

The Cost of Losing A Good Customer

Churn & Burn - The costs of losing a good customer! Service is the name of the game right? So when a tenant/customer calls asking for some things to be done around your/their rental house what happens? As … [Read More...]

Real Estate Market On Fire

The real estate market is on fire! "Everybody knows that Geico/Gecko". Well did you know that not everyone knows how to buy real estate and make a buck?  Clients ask me all the time if I think this house or that … [Read More...]

Deferred or Deterred Maintenance$ ?

Deferred or Deterred Maintenance$? So how long is too long to defer maintenance to your house or building?  At times we are deterred by the "costs" of doing maintenance so we defer it until it becomes a … [Read More...]