19 good things about “The Covid”

In the midst of the global pandemic, it’s easy to get bogged down by the negatives. However, there have been some unexpected perks that have emerged from “The COVID” situation. Here’s a list of 19 good things that have come about during these trying times:

Personal and Social Benefits

  1. Uninterrupted Walks: The joy of taking long, uninterrupted walks by yourself.
  2. Reduced Commute Times: Getting to work quicker due to less traffic.
  3. Gym Excuse: Having a built-in excuse for not going to the gym! 🙂
  4. Diet Excuse: And even a better excuse for not sticking to your diet. :/
  5. Fewer Family Gatherings: Not having any pesky relatives coming over, ha!
  6. Savings on Personal Care: Saving money on mani’s, pedi’s, and haircuts! Ooh la la.

Home and Family Life

  1. New Role as Home School Teacher: Adding “Home School Teacher” to your resume! 🙁
  2. To-Do List Progress: Your significant other is finally tackling the “to do” list.
  3. Easier DMV Appointments: Being able to get an appointment at the DMV with no waiting.
  4. Newfound Friendships: Suddenly, the chicken farmer next door is your friend! Whew-{

Travel and Financial Perks

  1. Private Flying Experience: Having the airplane all to yourself on the way home! zzz
  2. Government Financial Assistance: The government is giving away money $$$$$!
  3. Extended Tax Deadlines: Tax deadlines have been extended.
  4. Relaxed 1031 Exchange Deadlines: 1031 Exchange deadlines have been pushed ahead.
  5. Retirement Fund Flexibility: Limited or no penalty on early retirement fund withdrawals.

Real Estate and Professional Advantages

  1. Ongoing Real Estate Transactions: Real estate transactions are still happening.
  2. Continuous Rent Collection: Rents are still being collected. (Tough sledding, but happening)
  3. Lease Agreements: Leases are still being signed.
  4. Dedicated Service from HTSI: HTSI is still working to make your Real Estate investments work!

Here to Support Your Real Estate Goals

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