Best Practices for Renting/Selling

When it comes time to turn your rental property or preparing your home for sale, what are the “best practices”? I always say it has to smell good and look good! What does that mean?

Exterior Appeal

The exterior needs to look like you really care! Pressure wash, cut the yard, remove leaves, freshen up landscaping, pick up trash, and make sure trash bins and other items are out of sight from the street. The front door should be painted or wiped down. (You only get one chance to make a first impression.) Ensure the storm door glass is clean, gutters are clean, and the roof is blown off. Your front exterior is the lead picture in your ad!

Interior Readiness

The home needs to be vacant and ready, meaning no leftover paint buckets or cleaning supplies left out or repairs still half-done. Paint or spot paint as needed. Fix everything you can! Get rid of leftover furniture and declutter if selling. If feasible, use a professional staging company. Just because you don’t want to throw something away doesn’t mean it’s going to enhance the value of your home! (This includes your garage.) Donate it!

Cleanliness is Key

It has to be clean! Really clean! Windows and baseboards clean! All spider webs gone. No dust or leftover work residue on surfaces. Bath and kitchen need to be the cleanest! Make sure appliances look stellar, including new drip trays in the stove and no cracks in the flat top. Change out caulk in the tub if needed. Professionally clean carpets! Install shower curtains or liners in your rentals (to prevent bathroom flooding) and window blinds to avoid unnecessary wall damage. Ensure everything works properly, including light bulbs and fixtures. PS – If you are buying or selling, make sure you cover the chattels you want in your contract.


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