Dollar General vs. Furlough

This past weekend I stopped in at the Dollar General near my house to purchase a few essentials.  When I checked out I was greeted by a lady approximately 35 years old with a cheery disposition and a smile J .   As she was scanning my items she asked me how I was etc. and I asked her if it had been busy for a Saturday?  She said yes!  Almost overwhelming!  She said she had only been there not quite two months and this was the busiest day yet!  I said only two months?  (She seem to be running the place)  She said yes that she was furloughed from her regular job at Applebees because of the Covid but she couldn’t just sit at home that she had to pay bills and take care of her babies!

I was so encouraged by hearing her story and feeling the passion that she had for her job at that very moment! Even though she had only been there only a short time!!  Instead of thinking that she could just take a break she chose to go out quickly and find another job.  But what really struck me as exceptional was that she now “owned” her job at Dollar General!  It didn’t take her long apparently to get in a groove and figure out how to make a living.

At Houses & Then Some Inc. we are also passionate about what we do! We help our clients Rent, Buy and Sell real estate!  And we are open for business and working hard for our clients and customers!  Can we help you?  Do you have questions about maximizing your return on your real estate investments?  Please give us a call at 864-395-6538 or email .


Do you have questions about
maximizing your return on your
real estate investments?  I invite
you to call me and discuss your needs. 
With many years in the business, I’m
confident our team can guide you in the
right direction.  We help our clients
rent, buy and sell real estate in the
upstate of South Carolina.

Serving the Greater Greenville and Spartanburg area!

Call 864-395-6538 for more info on
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