Amazing! Rent rates are rising double-digit percentages in some areas of the upstate! Sale prices are going through the roof! For those of us who lived through the “great downturn,” it smells and feels a bit like 2005-06! However, the economy this time seems to support the increases with demand and a widening footprint! Micro areas like downtown Greenville, Augusta Rd., Gower, Simpsonville are experiencing record-setting increases in rents and sale prices. In these areas, some rental rates are $1 per square foot or more (We did not experience this last time). And sales are going up to $150/$200+ per square in these micros. We have surpassed the Charlotte Metro area with these numbers.

Expansion Beyond Micro Areas

Further out from the micros, suburbia and even the “country” are increasing but not quite at the clip that the “micros” are. In the counties; Spartanburg, Anderson, and Greenville. Anything close to corridors, shopping, and good schools are experiencing a “spill-over” effect from Greenville’s rise! It’s an excellent time to invest in local real estate, maybe the best time ever! You decide. (That’s my disclosure that we are real estate experts but not fortune tellers)

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