The Preacher Only Works One Day a Week

I grew up in a Pastor’s home. My dad was a Missionary and a Pastor. He worked all the time! A standing joke amongst pastors was that the congregation thought that they only worked one day a week, because that was the only day that the congregation went to church! 

I was always at church, day and night, hanging out waiting on Dad. Attending classes or services every night of the week whether I wanted to or not. So the job for him was 24/7.  But the one day of the week that we all got up early, dressed and were ready to go was Sunday! 

That was the day I wanted to sleep in but no….We were up and ready early. Sunday  was the most important day of the week for my Dad and his work. For him it was a calling of the most important kind!

In thinking about the two very different, but similar occupations, this is what jumps out to me. That you only hear from your Property Manager once a month (hopefully), when you get your statement and see the money in your bank. 

Our primary focus is to collect money from the tenant, and provide an income for our clients.  However, there are many other things that go into the job to protect the investment that we have been entrusted with.

These are a few things that come to mind;

  • Taking calls in the middle of the night of somebody passing, or doing counseling on their own time. 
  • Pulling out all the stops when it comes to marketing and showing properties. Agonizing over finding the right tenant/applicant.
  • Having other meetings (with Judges and Lawyers), taking classes to ensure we know the latest changes to the laws or rules. 
  • Negotiating with vendors for better deals and reducing costs for our clients.
  • Talking tenants/customers off the ledge when something happens in the middle of the night or when their A/C goes out in the summer heat.
  • Making sure that the tenant is complying with the lease and also that we are doing the same with the letter of the law. 
  • And the big one is trying to keep everybody happy and safe at the same time! 

This is a property manager’s job. One that we honor and hold in high esteem. It is an occupation that requires a lot of different skills and requires “a calling” to serve the customers and clients that we are blessed to serve.

It’s not just once a month that the Property Manager’s perform their work. It’s all throughout the month, every month, day and night. And we are glad to do it. We appreciate your business! We are so thankful for all of our clients, and for all of  the friends of the business and all of our vendors. Most of all we are grateful for our team members!

If you would like to learn more about working with our team to add value to your real estate investments, please give us a call or send an email. We have licensed Property Managers and Realtors ready to talk with you! Give us a call at 864-395-6538 or email for more information!

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