Emotional Support Dog

Over Thanksgiving, my favorite dog Marley and his younger brother Wally came to visit! Along with them, my daughter, her kids, and husband joined, which was wonderful. Currently, no animals live full time at our house due to our empty nest…

So, the visit was great, filling the house once again with joy and energy! There was a time when we had seven animals around! That’s right, seven! This was when my daughter returned from college before moving out on her own.

Living in the country, having plenty of animals around was no big deal for us, and most of them stayed outside all the time (even better). Nothing says family and holidays like the sound of children and dogs! 🙂 So, in a way, the doggy visitors were my emotional support for the Holiday! It was great! Hope they come back for Christmas!

Understanding Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs in Rentals

If you are renting your house as a “no pets” property, it’s crucial to understand the difference between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support dog. A Service Dog is not considered a pet but rather a device to help with a disability, similar to a wheelchair.

Since a Service Animal is not a pet, you cannot charge a pet deposit or pet rent. You may refuse an animal if it poses a proven threat to the health and safety of others. ADA rules apply when renting to any handicapped person requesting “reasonable accommodation.” *Note – Service dogs will always be with your tenant, so it should be pretty easy to spot the need for the service dog.

Emotional Support dogs fall into a different category. The “Emotional Support” animal is sometimes used as an excuse to have a pet in a “no pet” property. If suddenly there is a pet at your property, and they claim it is for Emotional Support, you need to request documented proof from your tenant/customer.

A true emotional support animal has been prescribed by a physician or licensed therapist, who should be happy to provide a letter stating such. (Always document and verify, check with your legal professional and housing laws if needed.)

Holiday Wishes

Our wish is that you and yours have a wonderful, fun-filled Holiday Season and a very special Merry Christmas. Remember those less fortunate and donate to your favorite charity or church.

To your success!


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