$200,000 Flip or Rent?

This is the question…

What real estate should I buy with $200,000 of investment/retirement money?

My Doctor asked me this question should he buy to flip or rent? So we had a conversation about starting with the end in mind. Being a Dr. he may not need additional flip income now to just pay more taxes, due to his already elevated income tax bracket. So could he benefit more by the tax benefits of owning rental real estate such as; depreciation and rental expenses off-setting income? This is a question that his accountant and or tax attorney could answer. But just having the conversation and looking at the big picture he was able to make some decisions.

Remember anyone can sell you a house to flip or rent but only a few are going to ask you what your plan is. We can help you develop a plan or at the least ask you some questions that can be revealing and informational. We help our clients rent, buy and sell their property in the upstate of South Carolina.

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