Four things you can do to rent or sell your vacant house!

The Superhuman real estate market has heated up until the toast is beginning to burn! Welcome to Greenville-Spartanburg SC! With all the building that is going on, we should be able to find affordability, but can we? Are those days gone? Prices have gone up for 48 months straight. So buyers are taking a hiatus from the endless search for value, and renters that can’t pay more are just opting out and staying put. Pricing fatigue… It’s not always about the price for sellers and landlords; time is money! Vacant time is “big money”.

Strategies for Standing Out

If you want to rent or sell in this market, make sure you set yourself apart with:

  1. Attractive Aggressive Pricing
  2. Interesting Incentives
  3. Flexible Pet Policy
  4. Marketable Concessions!

Negotiate on the things that you can live with!

To your success!


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