Good food and bad motel?

When traveling as a child, our family always said it was best to go to a restaurant that was full and busy because it must have good food! But then we would look for a motel which had a “VACANCY” sign and was empty, so this to me was confusing… If it was not full, was it still going to be good?

Rental Properties: Fullness Equals Success

Don’t be confused when it comes to renting out your home! Rental properties work best when FULL; that way, you make money around the clock, right? If a property looks good, smells good, and is priced right, it should rent quickly in today’s market! Time is money! Attempting to get premium rent but costing yourself 2 or 3 months of additional vacancy is expensive! This past month, we had 1683 inquiries for rental properties, 149 showings, and 45 applications! Plenty of activity to get your property rented with a qualified applicant! Let us help you rent your home! Our guarantee is if the tenant/customer we place does not stay at least 6 months, we will place the next tenant/customer for free!

Ask us about our quick pay system, our collections process, and our full maintenance capabilities!


Do you have questions about maximizing your return on your real estate investments? With 25+ years in the business, I’m confident I can guide you in the right direction. We help our clients rent, buy, and sell real estate in the upstate of South Carolina.

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