Is Real Estate Legal?

“Property must be secured,” John Adams succinctly observed in 1790, “or liberty cannot exist.” This profound statement underlines the importance of property rights as a cornerstone of freedom and democracy.

The Evolution of Real Estate in the USA

Wow! So the practice of renting, buying, and selling real estate began very early in the USA. John Adams, our 2nd President and a contributor to the Constitution, highlighted the significance of property rights early on. The first “professional certified licensed” real estate brokers began practicing the buying and selling of real estate in 1919. And the first “open house” was held in Chicago for several weeks! (That agent was determined! :)) The craft of brokering real estate leases and sales has been practiced for 100 years in this country! Throughout this time, regulations and laws have evolved and continue to do so annually. Each state, in tandem with Federal law, adheres to its own legal framework, underscoring the very legal nature of real estate practice.

Legal Aspects and Professional Guidance

“Be careful out there,” and ensure you are well-informed about the law or know where to find the answers! We work with several reputable real estate attorneys, and all of our agents are licensed. We are here to assist, with licensed professionals ready to help you rent, buy, or sell your home. Our priority is to keep you within the bounds of legality. Call 864-395-6538 today!

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Do you have questions about maximizing your return on your real estate investments? I invite you to call me and discuss your needs. With many years in the industry, I’m confident our team can steer you in the right direction. We assist our clients in renting, buying, and selling real estate in the upstate of South Carolina, now serving the Greater Greenville and Spartanburg area.

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