Politics, Moving and Holidays

Recently I had several people ask; Do you think people will wait until after the election to move? – Hmm…I really think we give these things waaay too much credit. Not that elections are not important, they are. But most people are not going to put their lives on hold just because an election is coming up…..At the same time a business may back off on capital spending, a family on large household expenses until after an election if jobs are potentially affected by the outcome. But only a small percentage. And even the politicians are moving this time of year, good or bad, happy or sad.

The same applies to the question; should I wait until after the Holidays to put my house for sale or rent? People who are renting or buying still want to move for many reasons! Reasons to move include; job transfers, change in marital status, school changes, cost of living increases, military etc.. And a litany of others. So sell/buy or rent now. Don’t wait. The more time you have on the market and in the marketplace the better.

People move all of the time. And in our experience we have seen them move Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve you name it. They have more time off, their workplace might be slow or even closed for the Holidays. So moving is a year round sport. If your property smells good, feels good, everything works, in good shape and it is fairly priced it will move!

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