Robert’s Real Estate Reality

I like “reality” shows like Love It or List It and Fixer Upper even Shark Tank! I really don’t know how much reality is included though… 🙂 HERE are some realities that we live with everyday and for your use to invest in real estate for personal use or investment:

  • You make your money when you buy, not when you sell!
  • If it smells good, looks good, priced right, it will rent or sell quickly!
  • Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield!
  • Tenants pay until they don’t pay!
  • If you don’t pay you can’t stay!
  • The market dictates the price not you!
  • A contract is only as good as the people that sign it!
  • Its not a sale until you cash the check!

(Most of these I shamelessly borrowed years ago)

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