The morning last week that I spent in court….

The morning last week that I spent in court…

Have you been to court lately? Last week I spent an entire morning in court representing one of our clients on a summons (bench warrant). The summons to our client, who for health reasons was unable to attend, concerned the condition of a property that was being updated. After leaving my house at 7:30 AM and driving to the court (45min) to arrive on time and hopefully early. (My Dad always said if you’re not 20 min. early, you’re late). So after waiting for (1.5) hours for court to start plus watching a couple of shackled visitors being brought in, yikes…everything went pretty quick! The judge told us we had another 60 days to get the place ready! Whew! Thank the good Lord! And then it was time to get out of there!

The Reality of Property Management

Unfortunately, our agents and staff spend time doing these types of things regularly for evictions, tenant issues, and code violations that come up… It’s all part of the job! So, how much is your time worth? What could professional licensed help do for your peace of mind?

How We Can Help

If you rent, buy, or sell residential real estate, let us help! We are thankful and honored to have your business! We love what we do, please help us do more of it by referring us!

Our Rental Management Services Include:

  • Quick and professional placements – Getting paid faster –
  • Hi-touch collections – Professional Reporting –
  • Inspections – 24/7 maintenance line – Licensed staff – Insured

Realty Assistance Includes:

  • Purchase and sale representation – Creative marketing – Experienced negotiators – Access – Comparative Market Analysis – Professional contractor connections

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Thank you for your business!


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