Virus – Where do we go from here?

By now, you have read all there is to read or watch about the “Virus,” so I am not going to attempt to comment on that. However, there will be an economic impact on the real estate community at large. The extent of this impact will be determined by the duration of the “self” quarantine. Consequently, a portion of rental customers genuinely will not be able to pay their rent on time. Others may take advantage of the situation to pay late or, unfortunately, not at all. Sales contracts may also come into doubt as people get cold feet and begin to withdraw.

Our Commitment to Service

Despite these challenges, rest assured we will be at our workstations, taking care of business. Whether we’re at the office, at home, or on the move, we are committed to doing our jobs, maintaining relationships, and doing whatever it takes to support our clients and customers. Everyone will be treated with respect, but we will also make all attempts to follow the law and ensure all transactions are completed in a timely manner. Americans are known for their resilience, and we will do our part to keep moving forward, conducting “Business as Usual” as much as legally possible.

Leveraging Experience for Your Advantage

After many years in the real estate industry, my staff and I have accrued a wealth of experience. This experience has equipped us with a multitude of systems, legal knowledge, and professional expertise to effectively manage our clients’ real estate investments.

Why Choose Professional Assistance

So, power up and avoid the pitfalls we have navigated in the past. Hiring a professional can help you rent or sell your real estate with greater ease and confidence. Leverage our experience to navigate through these uncertain times.

To your success,


Looking for Real Estate Guidance?

Do you have questions about maximizing your return on your real estate investments? With many years in the business, I’m confident our team can guide you in the right direction. We assist our clients in renting, buying, and selling real estate in the upstate of South Carolina, serving the Greater Greenville and Spartanburg area.

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